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Why You Need an Expert Witness on Your Team

An expert witness strengthens your court case, especially when you seek damages due to trauma. Elliott H. Rose, MD, of The Aesthetics Surgery Center on the Upper East Side of New York, New York, uses his vast expertise and knowledge to help evaluate and explain the impact in cases of catastrophic burns, facial trauma, auto accidents, dog bites, work-related injuries, and assaults.

Here’s why you need his expertise to help you win your case and get justice.

An expert witness is objective

An expert witness objectively describes your pain and suffering and long-term disability. They don’t have a stake in your rate of recovery and can thus express, with certainty, how long it generally takes for a person to come back after an injury like yours and any lasting impacts on your work and home life and function. 

An expert witness helps jurors understand

Medical information and diagnosis can be complicated and difficult to understand when you don’t have medical training. Dr. Rose communicates complex information in a way that helps jurors understand your pain and suffering. 

An expert witness is credible

Jurors may not trust the information presented directly from a victim or witnesses. But an expert witness lends a lot of credibility, especially if they have great distinction, as does Dr. Rose. He’s recognized internationally for his expertise in terms of burn recovery and facial reanimation.

Dr. Rose is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Associate Clinical Professor in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical School, and an attending surgeon at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. He’s authored major textbooks in the field of burn reconstruction and recovery of facial function following paralysis. 

He’s also been voted as the “Best Plastic Surgeon in New York City for Corrective Facial Surgery” and is consistently listed in the “New York Magazine Best Doctors” and “Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors.”

An expert witness is effective

Because he’s an effective public speaker, Dr. Rose convincingly delivers his unbiased medical opinion. Dr. Rose has appeared on ABC’s “20/20” and “Good Morning America”, NBC’s “Today Show”, “Entertainment Tonight” on CBS, and Fox News Network, as well as numerous local news segments in NYC.

An expert witness is a team player

A medical expert witness can help you determine if a case even has merit before a lawsuit is filed. They can help you as a plaintiff or defendant, and Dr. Rose has been a part of both parties in various lawsuits.

An expert witness can give their opinion

Because they have education and experience, an expert witness has more leeway when giving testimony. They can provide opinion testimony, which is often not allowed by lay witnesses, based on their past experiences and knowledge in their field.

Of course, those opinions must relate to the specifics of the medical injuries or trauma and not other aspects of the case. 

Because Dr. Rose is not an attorney, be aware that he can’t give you legal advice. But should you be party to a medical injury case or a victim of trauma, have your lawyer contact us at The Aesthetic Surgery Center to inquire about Dr. Rose’s services as a credible, expert witness. 

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