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Post-Traumatic Facial Scar Surgery

Elliott H. Rose, MD -  - Plastic Surgeon

The Aesthetic Surgery Center

Elliott H. Rose, MD

Plastic Surgeon & Reconstructive Surgeon located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Traumatic facial disfigurement from injury can occur in a fraction of a second but cause life-long emotional, as well as physical, scarring. For instance, Dr. Rose was the key surgeon in reconstructing the face of May May Liu, who received national attention after being slashed with a box cutter on the subway in NYC. As author of a major plastic surgery textbook focused on reconstructive techniques for facial scarring, Dr Rose attract patients from all over the country and the world. Patients can visit him at his office or arrange for a Skype consultation. Dr Rose’s friendly staff can assist in hotel accommodations, travel arrangements, etc.

Post-Traumatic Facial Scar Surgery Q&A

How does unsightly facial scarring occur?

Facial scarring or disfigurement can happen in an unexpected instance from a traumatic laceration or crush injury. When these injuries occur they can cause, not only physical scarring, but also life-long emotional scarring as well. While early cleansing and meticulous closure in the emergency room is important, permanent scarring may result based on the location and depth of the injury. Facial scars are unsightly, often thickened and discolored and can cause distortion to the facial features.

What are the Characteristics of a Traumatic Scar?

Traumatic scars can be depressed or atrophic, as is the case of dog bites or other  crush injuries that cause tissue loss. However, most  traumatic scars that are the result of a laceration or burns  may be hypertrophic, which means they are pink, red or purple, raised, and extending beyond the margins of the original injury.  Some accidents can result in “traumatic tattooing,” which is when foreign objects, such as asphalt particles, are embedded in the skin.

How are the scars analyzed?

An initial consultation, Dr Rose will assess the thickness, texture, and color of the deforming scars. By using a computerized facial analysis, Dr. Rose’s examination detects distortions of facial features and functional abnormalities such as facial weakness, dysfunction of chewing or smiling, corneal exposure, and more. Advanced computer technology allows Dr Rose to share desired outcomes with you at the time of your visit.

How does scar revision work?

More superficial scars can be treated with state of the art Fraxel laser technology to address thickening and discoloration.   For more disfiguring scars, aesthetic facial restoration by scar revision entails removing contracting scars and rebalancing facial features by through tissue rearrangement. If the architecture of the face has been completely damaged, a three-dimensional computer image of the defect is created and used to create new facial framework. This process allows the recreation of facial shape and symmetry by insetting the model in place of the damaged bone. After scar revision surgery, you will be taught camouflage techniques by a skilled make-up artist to hide incisional sites and blend in blemishes.

To find out more about how Dr. Rose can aide in facial restoration and scar revision, please arrange for a consult or Skype call.


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