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Burn Reconstructive Surgery

Elliott H. Rose, MD -  - Plastic Surgeon

The Aesthetic Surgery Center

Elliott H. Rose, MD

Plastic Surgeon & Reconstructive Surgeon located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Burn injuries account for over 100,000 hospital admissions each year. Dr. Rose attracts patient from around the country and world for the treatment of burn injuries and facial reconstruction. Patients can visit him at his office or arrange for a Skype consultation. Dr Rose’s friendly staff can assist in hotel accommodations, travel arrangements, etc.

Burn Reconstructive Surgery Q&A

How does Dr. Rose Approach Complex Burn Injuries?

As the author of an internationally acclaimed textbook on burn reconstruction, Dr. Rose has over 25 years of experience in the refinement of aesthetic appearance, as well as improvement of functional limitations in severely burned patients. Traditional skin grafts can often create a “patchwork” on the skin and leave an expressionless face. Dr. Rose has refined burn reconstruction by using sophisticated computer imaging, the latest methods of microsurgical tissue transfers, intra-operative skin expanders, Fraxel laser technology, and custom corrective make-up matches to attain the very best surgical outcome.

What can I Expect from my Initial Consultation?

Your initial consultation will involve a review of your history, and a discussion of your burn deformities, and a custom design of the best treatment plan for your disfiguring burn injuries. A computerized facial analysis enables detailed inspection of facial features for balance, symmetry, and functional distortions. Areas of disfiguring scar are defined and a video image of your more normal-appearing face is digitally recreated as a preview of the desired surgical change. These images become the “blueprint” for surgical reconstruction.

What is Entailed in Facial Burn Reconstruction Surgery ?

Treatment is customized to the extent and thickness of the burn scarring. Most burn scars can be eliminated or camouflaged using techniques such as scar revision, skin grafting, tissue expansion, and non-surgical Fraxel laser technology. In advanced cases of facial disfigurement, the thick scars known as keloids, are removed and replaced with blocks of your normal tissue through microsurgery. These tailored blocks of tissue, made up of fat and blood vessels, are transposed & inserted like a “pieces of a puzzle” into the new facial unit such as the chin, neck, lip, or cheek. To restore circulation immediately, there is delicate attachment to the facial artery. The new facial tissue is shaped to look, feel, and perform like a normal facial skin. The scars are hidden in the shadows of the facial planes.

  Burn Injuries
Pre-Operation   Post-Operation

What is Recovery Like?

Usually, you will be able to resume normal activities anywhere from one to three weeks after your surgery. Although disfiguring burn scars cannot be removed entirely, you can expect visible improvement in cosmetic appearance and enhanced functionality. After recovery, you will be referred to an accomplished make-up artist who will show you how to hide incision sites and color imperfections. A customized, flesh-colored concealer is created as a foundation to blend facial tone properly. In some instances, medical tattooing will be used to pigment facial features.

Is my Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Reconstructive burn surgery may be covered all or in part by insurance if it is considered medically necessary. After your initial visit, Dr. Rose will write a comprehensive letter to your insurance carrier describing the surgical plan and request pre-determination for the reconstructive services.  Although we don’t belong to any managed care plans, our efficient office staff will strategize with you to achieve maximum benefits from your insurance carrier. We are your advocate!

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