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What to Expect After Reconstructive Burn Surgery

What to Expect After Reconstructive Burn Surgery

Immediately after a major burn, a team of trauma surgeons performs acute surgery to initiate immediate healing. Once your initial wounds have healed, you can benefit from reconstructive burn surgery, which alters scar tissue and improves the appearance and function of burn scars. 

Reconstructive burn surgery may be delayed for a year or more after the injury to ensure the scar has settled. 

Dr. Elliott H. Rose of The Aesthetic Surgery Center is a renowned plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing reconstructive burn surgery. Treatments may take several months and multiple interventions as the scar changes over time. 

Here’s what Dr. Rose wants you to know about reconstructive burn surgery and the long-term healing effects. 

The goal of reconstructive burn surgery

Reconstructive surgery doesn’t remove all the burn scars, but it can make scars less noticeable. When burn scars occur on the neck, head, shoulders, hands, or legs, normal movement may be limited. Reconstructive surgery can release the contracture, or tightness, associated with the scars so you get much of your normal function back. 

Reconstructive surgery can also improve any problems from scarring of the lips, nose, eyelids, or scalp. The surgery can be effective even on thick, wide, or discolored scars.

Finding out if reconstructive surgery is right for you

Set up a consultation at our office to determine if reconstructive surgery is right for you. You can sit down with Dr. Rose and discuss the results you’d like to achieve through surgery. He explains what you can expect from reconstructive surgery and what the long-term benefits are. 

Dr. Rose reviews your complete medical history and performs a thorough physical exam. He also goes over any possible risks and complications associated with the proposed reconstruction plan. 

Results of reconstructive burn surgery

The practice provides you with comprehensive postsurgical care instructions. It’s important that you follow these exactly to get the best possible outcome when it comes to scar appearance and function. Your exact postoperative routine depends on the type of reconstructive surgery you have. 

You can discuss your long-term results and any concerns you have at follow-up appointments with Dr. Rose. Usually, a follow-up appointment is scheduled within two weeks of surgery. You may also benefit from additional physical therapy or occupational therapy to help you restore function and enable you to perform day-to-day activities. 

Your relationship with us may last several months or years, as it takes time for scar reconstruction treatments to be effective. You may also notice new scar contractures that appear over time, even after your surgery, and you’ll need to return for additional procedures to have these addressed. New contractures are especially common in young patients who are still growing. 

Reconstructive surgery has a powerful effect on a patient’s “unseen” injuries, too. It can help assist in recovery of self-esteem and confidence. 

Dr. Rose treats patients from all over the world. If you’d like to have him assess your burn scars and determine the best course of treatment for you, call our office in New York City today or use the online tool to set up a consultation.


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