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The Importance of Virtual Appointments Before Scar Revision Surgery

The Importance of Virtual Appointments Before Scar Revision Surgery

If you have a scar due to a burn, trauma, surgery, or another traumatic event, scar revision surgery may be an option. Scars are permanent, though they can ease over time. If you have a scar, getting revision surgery within 6-12 months of the event is usually recommended, although some scars require earlier attention.

A scar can improve in appearance on its own as the years pass, but will never go away entirely. Some scars can cause limitations in the way you move; others are a reminder of your trauma. Scars can affect your self-esteem and confidence. 

A skillful surgeon can restore mobility and make scars look less obvious. If you’re a candidate for scar revision, it’s critical that you have a consultation prior to any procedures. At The Aesthetic Surgery Center, our surgeon Elliott H. Rose, MD, has vast experience in revising scars. He treats patients from across the world, so requires a virtual appointment before any treatment. 

Here’s what to expect. 

Review of your medical history

A virtual consultation is a convenient way to review your medical history. You’ll discuss any previous surgeries and current or past health problems. Also be prepared to talk about supplements and medications you take. 

Your history can indicate if you have issues that may make surgery impossible. For example, anyone who is on anticoagulants and cannot be taken off them should not undergo scar surgery. 

People who smoke or have diabetes are also at risk of poor healing from surgery. Extra steps, like getting blood glucose under control or quitting smoking, need to be taken prior to scar revision surgery. 

Evaluation of your scar

Dr. Rose does a virtual examination of your scar. He asks about what caused the scar and the nature of it – whether it’s a burn, keloid, or hypertrophic scar. You also discuss how the scar impacts your movement, expressions, and feeling.

This evaluation also reveals to the doctor whether or not you should have the scar revision now, or wait. Some injuries that have not fully healed do not benefit from early scar revision. 

Discussion about expectations

Although Dr. Rose is extremely skilled, he can’t make a scar go away altogether. His goal is to minimize its appearance and make you more functional. In some cases, he can disguise the scar, relocate it, or just minimize it. Scar revision also intends to restore as much function as possible to the damaged tissue.

After an online consultation, he may determine that surgery on your scar will make it worse or limit your function. In these cases, revision surgery is not recommended. 

Review of the procedure

During an online consultation, Dr. Rose also reviews the procedure. He explains the techniques and anesthesia he uses and discusses the facility where you can stay. This is a great time for you to ask any questions and express concerns you have about the surgery. 

If you have a major scar, Dr. Rose can use cosmetic surgery to help you heal from scars. Call our office today or use the online tool to schedule your virtual appointment and find out how.

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