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Plump Up Your Lips With Fat Injections

Plump Up Your Lips With Fat Injections

Plumper lips can balance out your facial features, make you look younger, and give you a certain sex appeal. If you desire a lip enhancement, trust our renowned plastic surgeon, Elliott H. Rose, MD, of The Aesthetic Surgery Center in New York City.

He uses fat injections, also called fat grafting, as an alternative to fillers to augment your lips. Here’s why you should consider this method of lip enhancement.

About fat injections

Fat injections use your own tissue for lip augmentation. Dr. Rose harvests fat from around your belly button via liposuction, purifies it, and then transfers it artfully to your lips. Sometimes fat may be taken from another location, like the thighs or buttocks. The entire procedure takes 60-90 minutes.

No-fuss procedure

Fat injections are done in the office of The Aesthetic Surgery Center. Dr. Rose uses local anesthesia, and you go home the same day for recovery.

Benefits of using fat transfer

Since we use your own fat for the lip augmentation, there’s no risk of rejection of a foreign implant or substance.

You’ll sit down with Dr. Rose before your procedure to discuss what you hope to achieve from lip augmentation so he can help you achieve a pleasing pout. 

Fat transfer can enhance the symmetry and contour of the upper and lower lips. The strategic placement of fat makes your lips look naturally plumper, giving you a more youthful lip shape with fullness, definition, and smoothness.

Long-lasting results

While the results of dermal fillers may plump your lips for just six to 12 months, lips augmented with fat stay plump for five years and sometimes longer.

The results are noticeable right away, but full healing may take three to six months. 

Candidates for fat transfer

People who choose lip augmentation usually have naturally thin lips or have experienced a loss in lip volume due to aging. Lip augmentation can also help patients whose lips droop or sag due to smoking, gravity, or environmental damage.

Smokers will have to quit for a short period to optimize healing from the procedure. Patients who have infections around the mouth or who lack a good fat-harvesting site may opt for another form of lip enhancement. 

Recovery from lip injections

Recovery from fat injections for lip augmentation does take longer than lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Both your lips and the harvest site require recovery. Expect to have some bruising and swelling for up to 10 days. 

Most patients can return to work after a couple days and resume all normal activities within a week. 

Dr. Rose also offers expert application of dermal fillers, if this method of lip augmentation is better for your goals. He has extensive experience in cosmetic facial surgery and can complement your plumper lips with other enhancements to your features. He can also help you get rid of lip lines, smile lines, and other bothersome wrinkles. 

Call The Aesthetic Surgery Center today to explore your options, or use the online tool to schedule your consultation.

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