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Noncosmetic Reasons to Consider Plastic Surgery

Many people choose cosmetic surgery to improve their look and boost their confidence. They may want larger breasts, a streamlined physique, or a tighter, smoother face. While cosmetic surgeries such as a facelift or breast augmentation improve your physical appearance, they aren’t necessarily medically necessary.

Plastic surgery is a similar but separate specialty that also plays an important role in improving your body’s function or appearance. But plastic surgery is usually medically necessary and used when you have disfigurement or need reconstruction of a body part or feature.

At The Aesthetic Surgery Center on the Upper East Side of New York CIty, Dr. Elliot H. Rose is an accomplished plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He offers patients reconstructive, reformative procedures that are necessary to a happy, healthy, functioning life.

Here are some of the reasons you might seek plastic surgery.

Breast reconstruction

Following a mastectomy, you may opt for breast reconstruction to restore the look of natural breasts. This can improve your self-esteem so you don’t carry around a reminder of your cancer every day.

Some women who are born with virtually no breasts or asymmetrical breasts may also opt for breast reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Rose also provides cosmetic breast augmentation and lifts to women seeking a fuller cup size or higher profile. These surgeries may be incorporated into your reconstructive procedure.

Burn repair surgery

Burns leave scars that can severely damage your face, making you almost unrecognizable. Dr. Rose provides burn reconstructive surgery using the latest in microsurgical tissue transfers to help damaged skin achieve the most natural look and restore facial expression when needed.

Correction of facial paralysis

Facial paralysis can occur in adults and children due to Bell’s palsy or another condition. In children, it may be the result of a genetic defect or the aftereffect of brain surgery. Regardless, Dr. Rose uses the latest plastic surgery methods to restore your ability to create expression and to enhance your facial symmetry. 

Scar revision

If you’ve had a traumatic injury that resulted in deep scarring on the face, you benefit from skin grafts and tissue transfers that bring back symmetry, proportion, and function. 

Minor scars may be treated with laser technology, but deep scars require the touch of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Rose. To restore your appearance, he can address the outer layers of your dermis as well as any damaged nerves and connective tissue. 

Dog bite treatment

Dr. Rose helps people from around the world heal after devastating dog bites. During such injuries, people may experience torn flesh, loss of soft tissue, and crushing damage to the skin surrounding the area attacked.

In severe cases, only plastic surgery can repair the damage that’s been done. Dr. Rose can help with improving the look of the immediate damage. He also addresses the underlying nerve or connective tissue injury to restore facial expression.

Birth defects

Children born with a cleft palate, facial asymmetry, or severe birth marks benefit from plastic surgery. Correcting their congenital birth defects gives them a chance for a normal childhood.

Reconstruction after Mohs surgery for skin cancer 

Dr. Rose works with several expert dermatologists who offer Mohs surgery for skin cancer treatment. This procedure methodically shaves off cancer cells in an effort to remove just the area affected while leaving as much normal tissue as possible.

Even with expert Mohs surgery procedures, you may have a notable lesion where skin was excised. Dr. Rose reconstructs these areas to restore a pleasing appearance to the face. He may simply close a Mohs surgical site so as to minimize scarring or apply facial grafts and bone or cartilage transfers to restore facial balance and symmetry.

Patients trust Dr. Rose when they’re in need of complicated reconstruction of their face and body. Rest assured, however, that you can also turn to him if you’re looking to boost your appearance cosmetically with liposuction, a tummy tuck, or facial surgery.

Call us at the Aesthetic Surgery Center to learn how Dr. Rose can help you achieve a beautiful, functional, proportioned appearance.

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