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Is Scar Revision Surgery an Option for Me?

Is Scar Revision Surgery an Option for Me?

Scars form to heal damaged or lost skin. They may result after injury, inflammation, burns, surgery, or infections. Scars can develop just about anywhere and may be unattractive or disfiguring. They can restrict movement or be itchy, causing discomfort. Scars can also be a lasting reminder of an unpleasant experience. 

No matter if your scar if lumpy, sunken, colored, or flat, revision may be possible. At The Aesthetic Surgery Center, our surgeon Elliott H. Rose, MD, has the skills and expertise to revise scars to vastly improve their appearance, restore your features, and ease any discomfort. 

Here’s how to know if you’re a candidate for scar revision.

The basic criteria for scar revision

If you’re bothered by a scar anywhere on your body, you’re a possible candidate for revision. The first criteria is that you must be physically healthy and a nonsmoker. During your scar revision consultation, Dr. Rose gives you a realistic idea of what you can expect from your scar revision. Scars usually cannot be completely erased. 

It’s also important for your skin to be healthy. That means no active acne or disease outbreaks at the treatment site. 

When to have scar revision

Dr. Rose individualizes his recommendations for scar revision. In some cases, a scar may shrink and become barely noticeable with time. You may choose to wait several months or years to see if the scar is bothersome as it lightens in color and prominence. Collagen remodeling, which influences scar maturation, takes about 12-18 months. In many cases, scars that are immature don’t respond well to scar revision.

Some scars, however, do best when revision happens 60-90 days following the scar maturation. 

Scars form in different ways depending on the size and location of the wound, the depth of injury, your age, and your skin’s specific characteristics. It’s best to consult with us to determine when scar revision is most appropriate and effective. 

Scar revision techniques

The type of scar revision Dr. Rose uses depends very much on your scar’s characteristics and location. For example, superficial scars may respond well to laser technology that reduces thickening and discoloration. Laser softens the surface of the scar and stimulates collagen growth to create new, healthy tissue.

For severe scars that distort your features, Dr. Rose may perform aesthetic facial restoration. 

Techniques he may employ for your scar revision include:

Because each scar is unique, you’re best off scheduling a virtual or in-person appointment with Dr. Rose so he can evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. 

Scar revision makes permanent changes

Depending on the extent of your scar revision, you may have some discomfort, swelling, and discoloration for a week or two following treatment. Healing takes several weeks, even if you undergo laser or a chemical peel. It may take months or even a year for the full results of your scar revision to develop. Some severe or complex scars may require more than one treatment or surgery.

The good news is that the results of scar revision are long-lasting. 

If you have a scar that you want Dr. Rose to evaluate, please call our office today or use the online tool to schedule your virtual or in-office appointment.

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