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How to Prepare for Your Facial Burn Reconstructive Surgery

With National Burn Awareness Week coming up February 4th through 10th, it’s important to take some time to acknowledge the emotional and physical toll facial burns can take on a person. Facial burn reconstructive surgery can help transform burn patients’ lives by improving their appearance and boosting their self-esteem.

At The Aesthetic Surgery Center, we commit to helping patients who need facial burn reconstructive surgery. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Elliott H. Rose, is known worldwide for his scar and burn revision techniques. If you’ve experienced scarring or other damage from a facial burn, we want to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Patients who are already scheduled for facial burn reconstructive surgery may feel apprehensive as their procedure date approaches. We want to soothe your apprehension and help you get ready. Here’s how to prepare for your facial burn reconstructive surgery.

Schedule an initial consultation

The first step in your surgical process is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rose. During this session, we go over your medical history, specific concerns, and desired outcomes. Open communication is key to understanding the procedure and managing expectations.

Once your initial consultation is complete and your surgical date is set, we also schedule a preoperative assessment at our office or your primary care provider’s office. This visit ensures you’re in optimal health for the surgery. You may require blood tests, imaging, and a review of any medications or lifestyle factors that could impact the procedure.

Preparing yourself physically

In the days and weeks before your facial burn reconstructive surgery, follow a gentle skin care routine. Moisturize regularly and avoid harsh products that could irritate your skin. Dr. Rose may recommend a specific skin care routine customized to your needs.

You should also prioritize a generally healthy lifestyle to promote overall good health. Though you may be anxious, try to get adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, and participate in regular exercise. A healthy body usually recovers more quickly. 

If you smoke, consider quitting before the surgery. Smoking impedes the healing process and increases the risk of complications. 

Preparing yourself emotionally

While facial burn reconstructive surgery can transform your appearance, we want you to have realistic expectations. During your consultation, Dr. Rose clearly lays out the anticipated outcomes, potential challenges, and the timeline for recovery. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

You also need a supportive network of friends and family who can provide emotional encouragement and practical assistance during your recovery period. Having a reliable support system can make a significant difference in your overall experience.

Preparing logistically

You need to make arrangements for transportation to and from the surgical center on the day of the procedure. You will be groggy from anesthesia, so having a responsible person to take you home is imperative. Some patients benefit from having a person stay with them for a few days after surgery to help with basic chores, like cooking and personal hygiene. 

At home, set up a comfortable recovery space where you have easy access to medications, a remote, phone, and any other items you might need to pass the time as you heal. Have a few meals prepared in advance. Consider the location and extent of your surgery – you might want soft foods at first if chewing will be affected. 

Our team at The Aesthetic Surgery Center is available to answer any questions you may have leading up to your facial burn reconstructive surgery. Feeling prepared and confident in what to expect can help put your mind at ease as you head in for surgery. 

Call today with questions or use our website to book your consultation if you’re not yet scheduled for a procedure.

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