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4 Valuable Benefits of Scar Revision Surgery

Scars are a natural part of the body's healing process. You can develop them in response to physical injury, tissue inflammation, surgical procedures, or infections. Some scars are subtle, while others show up lumpy, indented, or discolored. Scars can appear anywhere on the body, affecting your appearance and movement. 

Scar revision surgery improves the appearance of your scar — and your self-esteem and confidence. Here at The Aesthetic Surgery Center, our renowned plastic surgeon, Elliott H. Rose, MD, is sought after worldwide for his scar revision techniques.

Here are just four benefits of revision surgery.

1. Improved appearance

The primary goal of scar revision surgery is to improve the cosmetic appearance of a scar. Whether it's a surgical scar or one resulting from acne or an injury, the scar revision techniques used by Dr. Rose effectively minimize the scar's visibility. 

During a revision procedure, he carefully repositions or removes excess scar tissue and meticulously closes the wound with sutures. As a result, your scar is less noticeable and blends more seamlessly with the surrounding skin.

2. Better function

Some scars can interfere with normal movement. For example, scars from burns, injuries, or previous surgeries can restrict joint movement or cause discomfort. They can be itchy or even painful and tight. 

Scar revision surgery can also enhance mobility and reduce discomfort in an affected area. 

3. A boost in self-confidence

Scars, especially those in prominent areas like your face, can significantly impact your self-esteem. You may spend time and effort covering up scars or you may avoid photographs or social events because of them. 

Scar revision surgery can provide a tremendous psychological benefit by allowing you to regain confidence in your appearance. The reduced visibility of the scar often results in a boost in self-esteem and a more positive self-image.

4. Customized attention to detail

Dr. Rose recognizes that each patient's scar is unique. There are several types of scars, including keloid, adhesions, and hypertrophic. Dr. Rose uses techniques, such as skin grafts or Z-plasty, that are appropriate for your particular case. His customized plan also addresses your specific concerns and goals when it comes to aesthetics, function, and pain. 

You may undergo surgery and/or laser treatments to revise your scar. He also has a skilled aesthetic eye and state-of-the-art technology that enable him to revise significant scars and facial damage. He rebalances facial features so you look more like yourself again. 

Dr. Rose considers your age, health, and medical history when creating your scar revision plan. He also takes into account the details of the scar, such as its type and location. 

Whether you're looking to improve the appearance of a surgical scar, an injury scar, or scars resulting from skin conditions like acne, scar revision surgery can be a life-changing solution. Dr. Rose of the Aesthetic Surgery Center can restore your comfort and confidence with his expert scar revision techniques. Call today or use our website to book your consultation.

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