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Body Contouring and Liposuction Q & A

by Elliott H. Rose, MD

Am I a Candidate for Body Contouring (Body Sculpting)?

The ideal candidate is someone who watches his/her diet, exercises, does not smoke, and who, otherwise, is reasonably fit. Body contouring entails safe, minimally invasive techniques of modified tumescent liposuction and/or skin trimming (i.e. following pregnancy or weight loss) to achieve the most sculpted look. Pre-surgical computer imaging offers the patient a realistic assessment of body contour alterations.  A  hollow tube (cannula) is used to extract the liquified unwanted fat pockets from specific body areas that have been unresponsive to proper diet and exercise, including thighs, knees, and buttocks; abdomen and hips; upper arms and above the breasts; calfs, knees and ankles. Many of these fat accumulations persist because they are hormonally sensitive to normal levels of circulating estrogen or testosterone. The procedure is most effective in patients who are within 15 to 20% of normal body weight. The firmer the skin, the greater the retraction and redraping following liposuction.

Services offered are as follows:

  • Liposuction of abdomen and hips
  • Liposuction of thighs, knees and buttocks
  • Liposuction of arms
  • Adbominoplasty (“tummy tuck”)


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